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Lash Certification Training 

Board Certified Trainer


Q- Do I need insurance?

A- Yes You Do

To get your insurance  Click on Service page 

scroll down till you 

Get to Important Reminders,

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Q- What should I do to prepare for training?

A- Dress comfortably sitting for long period of time is a major part of eyelash extensions. Nails should be short for class this is strongly suggested but not required


Q- Will the deposit go towards class amount ?

A- The deposit paid to register for training will go toward total balance of class which will need to be paid in full at the start of the class on training day. 


Q- What if I need to cancel the training? 

A- Deposits are nonrefundable however if you would like to reschedule you have 14 days from course cancellation to re-enroll for a different date and you can reschedule one time only or you forfeit the original deposit. 


Q: Will I need additional sanitation training for an Eyelash Extension, Makeup Artistry or Threading Permit?

A: Yes, all permits require a minimum of a 3 hours infection control course. This course is available online at:​


Completion of the infection control course must be submitted to the board office with the completed permit application and a copy of a current government photo ID and passport photo. The Board will not accept an Infection control course that has been taken over one year.


Q- Can I skip the classic training and jump straight to the volume training?


A- Not unless you can provide proof from another training course with photos because our classic lash class covers the basics needed to complete a volume set.


Q- Will I be able to legally charge clients for eyelash extensions services after being certified through this course?

A- Yes! We are certified through the stateboard so you will be covered under a specialty permit to over eyelash extension services.


Q: Where can I provide services as an Eyelash Extension, Makeup Artistry or Threading Permit holder?


A: All licenses or Permit holders in the state of Kentucky a​re required by law to work in a licensed facility approved through the KBC office at all times.


Q- Will I receive a partial refund if I leave the class early?

A- No we wouldn't be able to give any refunds for early dismissal from the training course and you are not going to be certified if you leave early.


Q- I see the description says hands-on training on a live 

model, will you provide the model?


A- No, It is your responsibility to bring a model.


Q- Will you provide a vendor list in training? 

A- A vendors list will be made available to you through 

your student portal after the class is completed. 


Q- With this certificate can I train other people in eyelash extensions?

A- According to Kentucky law from state board you 

would need to be a licensed professional as well as a 

licensed instructor or in instructor school to offer training.


Q- Can this certificate be used in another state? 

A- Each state has its own regulations I would advise you to refer to each individual states regulations on eyelash extensions.


Q- What is included in the kit?

A- A basic kit is included in your package. Included is:


* Lash Tray 1 - C Curl, 0.15mm, 9-16mm mixed length tray, GladGirl Signature Mink Lashes

* Lash Tray 2 - D Curl 0.15mm, 9-16mm mixed length tray, GladGirl Signature Mink Lashes

* Xtra Strength Glue - 5ml

* Gel Glue Remover - 15g

* Pre Treatment Primer - 50ml

* Jade Stone

* Glue Rings - 

* Eye Gel Patch - 

* 3M Micropore Medical Tape - 2 Rolls

* Mascara Wands - 

* Micro Brushes - 

* Curved Tweezer 4.50"

* Ribbed Precision Point Tweezer 5.50"

* Lash Layout Base

* After Care Cards -

* Nylon Travel Case